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What is the Economic Impact of Implementing Lua?


Clients tell us daily how Lua has helped their organizations be better at what they do: saving time, improving coordination, perfecting guest experience, and more. However, in today’s data-driven business world, it’s not enough to just point to anecdotes and say: “look, Client A said that our technology helped them in this one situation.” Analysis is the name of the game: analysis on new markets, analysis on employee performance, and most commonly, in-depth analysis of the costs and benefits of any buying decision.

Here at Lua, we’re strong proponents of data-driven management: that’s why we consider our Insights dashboard an integral part of this enterprise solution: forward-thinking companies want to improve the tools they use to communicate, but the most forward-thinking companies want to use the information they gather from how they communicate to increase efficiency and raise employee effectiveness.

We’re applying the same analytical approach to assessing Lua’s impact. Through user interviews, product metrics, and obsessive consumption of productivity research from established analyst firms such as Gartner, Forrester, IDC and more, we’ve quantified the benefits and measured the costs in the Economic Impact Study that we’ve just released.


We’ve taken the intrinsic benefits of Lua that we’ve always known and measured (conservatively!) the ones we think are tangible…

  • Productive time reclaimed from elimination of inefficient email processing
  • Productive time reclaimed from increased accountability (no follow ups, no duplication of work)
  • Cost savings from faster employee onboarding
  • Reduction of information security risks resulting from usage of unsecured communication channels

… while excluding from calculation other real, but less quantifiable benefits of Lua:

  • Increased ability to execute and close sales
  • Increased social cohesion
  • Direct access to leadership
  • Environmental benefits
  • and more!


These benefits are of course weighed against the costs of implementing Lua: this is the basis of our ROI and payback period analysis. Yes, there is a cost to purchase Lua’s advanced messaging platform (after a free trial), but we’re confident that cost is quickly overwritten by the clear upside of increased efficiency, reduced wasted time, increased accountability, and strengthened security.


Unsure about implementing messaging within your organization? Let the clear ROI and payback period inform your decision. Explore a quick example of the study.

Not satisfied with our example? Request a free consultation and we’ll study the economic impact of Lua on your own organization!


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