Product Updates

Meet Lua’s Brand New Directory

Untitled-1Notice the difference in Lua’s People tab on iOS and Android? We’ve reimagined the directory to make it even easier for you to find and reach the right people instantly – by name, recent contacts, department, or by searching. Our latest update to the directory includes the following key features:

  • View a list of all members within your network by name, title, and photo
  • Message or call any coworker, group, or an entire department within two touches
  • Quickly view your five most recently contacted coworkers
  • Search for the right individuals, groups, and departments

Recently Contacted Members

Lua now lists up to five of the coworkers who have most recently been in touch with you right at the top of the directory. This makes it easy to continue a conversation with the people you work closest with. Message or call them directly from the People tab!

More Ways To Find The Right People

There are now even more ways to reach a coworker within the directory:

  • Scroll down the directory to find network members by name, in alphabetical order
  • Messaged a coworker recently? Find her in the Recently Contacted list, right at the top
  • Know which department she’s in? View by Departments, and select the right department
  • Know the person or department’s name? Search for the name in the search bar

Message or Call Groups and Departments

We know work isn’t just about 1:1 conversations. Lua’s directory still includes cross-departmental Groups that Admins can set up for the organization, and you can still view members organized by Departments. This allows you to message or call the entire Department or Group instantly.

When you first arrive at the People tab, you’ll see a list of coworkers displayed in alphabetical order. Tap on “View by Departments” to see the list of Departments within your organization, and tap into the right department to see the list of department members. You can also message or call all its members from within the Department.

Read the full press release here.

Select FAQs:

How many users will be included in the Recently Contacted list?

Up to 5 users will be included in your Recently Contacted list. These are your 5 most recent 1:1 conversations.

How do I message or call a department?

There are 2 ways to do this. On the list of departments, swiping on iOS lets you call or message the entire department. You can also tap into the specific department and tap on Message or Call within that department.

Messaging an entire department brings you to your existing (or a new) conversation with that department. Calling it initiates an instant Group Call, with all members of the Group Call simultaneously receiving a call to their mobile phone numbers associated with their Lua accounts.

How do I view more information about each member of the network?

You can tap on the information “i” icon besides each name to view more about the user, including the time they were last active on Lua.

How do I search within the directory?

You can search within the directory for the right individuals, groups, and departments to reach. On iOS, that’s pulling down on the directory to reveal the Search bar. On Android, that’s tapping on the Search icon to the top right.


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