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Share and Discuss More Files with Lua’s ShareFile Integration


We’ve always believed that effective communication isn’t only about having conversations, it’s about having the right context for your discussions with files and photos on hand. That’s why Attachments are such an important feature within Lua, and that’s also why we’re excited to announce our latest integration with Citrix ShareFile.

This integration allows users to share and discuss files they have stored within ShareFile with colleagues, from anywhere. Users will be able to:

  • Attach any type of file from ShareFile to a Lua message in seconds
  • Instantly preview attached images and PDFs within conversations
  • Review ReadReports to see exactly who has viewed the sent attachment in real-time
  • Immediately access all previous attachments in a dedicated repository


Admins should contact Lua to activate Lua’s ShareFile integration within their organizations. Once this activation has been done, all a user has to do is connect Lua to their ShareFile account once, and they will be able to attach and share files freely. Users can also take advantage of ShareFile’s connections with legacy file systems to have direct access to even more work-related files.

We’re excited to be adding ShareFile to a growing network of integrations – such as our advanced integration with Microsoft Active Directory – that allow us to empower enterprises with even more effective communication.

You can read the full press release here.

Here are some quick FAQs on the ShareFile integration:

Will all Lua users be given access to the ShareFile integration?
Companies have to request the integration to be turned on for their users. Once the integration is turned on within the company network, all users within that network will have the ability to connect to ShareFile. If you’d like to have it turned on for your organization, please let your organization Admin know, or reach out to your dedicated Client Success rep.

Will I have to connect my ShareFile account each time I attach a file?
No, once a user connects her ShareFile account, she’ll be able to seamlessly attach files from ShareFile going forward, without needing to enter her ShareFile login information again.

What types of files can I attach from ShareFile?
Lua supports all file types, so you can attach anything you have stored in ShareFile to a Lua message. These files will also be kept in Lua’s dedicated Attachments repository, where you can see who has viewed the file and re-attach it in other Lua conversations. PDFs and images in particular will have instant previews within the conversation.

Will the folder structure I have set up in ShareFile be reflected in Lua?
Yes, Lua users will encounter the same list of folders and files that they normally see in their ShareFile storage. You can tap on the individual folders in ShareFile to attach files saved within them.

Other questions on the ShareFile integration? Email us at


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