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Share Files From Other Apps

Sharing files just got easier! Now, you can open files from a host of other apps directly into Lua.

First, select the file you want to share from its home location, then follow the steps below. Not all apps can share with all other apps, but we’ve compiled some key examples of what you can do with Lua.



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Across many iOS apps, the key to sharing selected files is locating the “Open-In” button, which looks like an arrow coming out of a box:

Two examples of the "Open-In" button: the most common form and the form seen in Google Drive, respectively.

Two variations of the “Open-In” button: the original and the Google Drive forms, respectively.

Any time you see this symbol, the app is capable of sharing its files with other apps.

opening files walkthrough.001

opening files walkthrough.002opening files walkthrough.003Our file sharing will open automatically after you’ve selected Lua. From there, you can choose how to share:

opening files walkthrough.004



In Android, the main step is locating the “Menu” and/or “Share” button:

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 1.38.07 PM

The “Menu” and “Share” buttons, respectively.

Apps on Android may also use the “Open-In” button, as in iOS.

For Gmail, Dropbox, and Google Drive, opening files in Lua follows the same path once you’ve selected the file:

opening files walkthrough.005

Google Drive files can also be accessed in Lua through a second method. We’ve included it below to help familiarize you with possible ways to access files in Lua as more apps become compatible:

opening files walkthrough.006

On Android, you can also pull files from outside apps when already in Lua:

opening files walkthrough.007Once you’ve selected your file, Lua automatically brings you to the share page:

opening files walkthrough.008

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Comment below or email us at if you’ve found other apps that work!


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