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Powering the Super Bowl Host Committee

This year, for the first time in history, the Super Bowl will be played in the NY/NJ area. Luckily for us, Lua happens to be just a little south of the epicenter for Super Bowl XLVIII related events.  For those who have not seen it, Super Bowl Boulevard takes up almost eleven city blocks and consists of jaw-dropping events and promotions.  Perhaps just as impressive as the scale of the events, demonstrated by the 60 foot slide erected in Times Square, is theSuper Bowl Blvd fact that they are all executed by just one group – the NY/NJ Super Bowl Host Committee.  Each Super Bowl has its own host committee and their goal is to ensure a great Super Bowl experience.  This year the host committee has created an unparalleled experience for football fans despite the sub-zero temperatures.

So how do they get it all done?  Through lots of communication.  The problem however, is that traditional methods of communication, such as email, do not allow this extremely mobile and hands-on team to get the job done.  In order to tackle the monumental task of coordinating, planning and executing, the Super Bowl Host committee was in need of a communication system and file sharing solution that matched the needs of their team- instant, flexible, reliable, and accountable. As such, they deployed Lua to their teams and have been using it in some of their more critical communication situations including:

  • Coordinating hundreds of supply deliveries
  • Handing out thousands of Super Bowl Boulevard maps, information packets, and promotions
  • Delivering additional staff uniforms due to inclement weather
  • Troubleshooting volunteer staffing situations
  • Sharing critical team documents

Lua is a critical communication tool, but that’s only part of the value delivered to host committee users. Lua also provides instant access via a centralized directory to the myriad of departments involved in orchestrating events, such as: planning/logistics, events/hospitality, marketing, volunteer field operations, administration, IT, sponsorship, and community affairs.

Another key element for the SuperBowl Host Committee was the flexibility Lua gives their staff in terms of their ability to onboard Super Bowl 2new users quickly and easily.  Super Bowl Boulevard is only one of the many locations that committee teams may be stationed — they have expanded their operations to other NYC and NJ tourist locations, such as the 9/11 Memorial and the Liberty Science Center in NJ.  Getting the numerous and dispersed staff up to speed quickly and looping them in to critical communication is now as simple as clicking a button.

This year’s Super Bowl has given the NY/NJ committee added layers of challenges because the inclement weather has had an impact on staff attendance and supplies.  Armed with Lua, however, critical communication can now reach everyone no matter where they are.

After all is said and done, the game will take place this Sunday.  So who is your pick to win?


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