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Managing Critical Communication Across the Supply Chain

Currently featured in the Journal of Commerce’s white paper section, our recent publication, Managing Critical Communication Across the Supply Chain, takes an in depth look at how modern communication apps like Lua are used to facilitate more efficient communication across the supply chain.

You can download your copy of the white paper here, and an abstract can be found below:

Abstract:  Managing Critical Communication Across the Supply Chain

Lua for LogisticsSupply chain optimization is a business imperative in today’s global marketplace. Crafting a strategy to streamline operations throughout each line of business is essential to maintain a competitive advantage.  However, certain factors create volatility in businesses reliant on supply chain operations. In a recent IBM report 1,400 top supply chain executives highlighted challenges that contribute to supply chain complexities and vulnerabilities.  One challenge noted in particular was visibility, which is the ability to effectively capture information and deliver it to the right people.  Even though there is more information than ever, “supply chain officers still struggle to ‘see’ and act on the right information”.  However, with the emergence of the mobile communication app, having a fully interconnected supply chain can now be easily achieved.


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