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What Every CIO Should Know: The New Business Communication Landscape

Last week we published a white paper titled “The New Business Communication Landscape”.  It underscores the importance for IT managers and CIOs to adapt to a paradigm shift in mobile business communication technologies.  Our research led us to one conclusion –  mobile business communication apps are emerging from the Unified Communication (UC) landscape to address traditional and modern IT challenges.  The paper also highlights the beneficial impact this emerging technology will have at the IT, organizational and employee levels.

To learn more about this new and disruptive technology, click here to download the white paper.

Executive Summary

paradigm shift is taking place in mobile business communication. Information technology (IT) departments across the world are rethinking the technologies used to connect their workforces. The transformation can be attributed to a fundamental change in the mentality behind procuring business technologies.  The traditional challenges that CIOs and IT Managers face to procure solutions with optimal business value are being met with new demands. Today, IT departments need to also deliver technologies that are easier to use, deploy and implement – similar to consumer technologies. This phenomenon is known as the “consumerization of IT.”

Given this fundamental change in perspective for IT procurement, this paper will first address the factors fueling the consumerization of IT, such as “bring your own device“ (BYOD) policy adoption and enterprise mobility. Following these trends will be a review of the new requirements for procuring secure mobile business communication technologies and an evaluation of the current landscape. Core to this paper however, will be the identification of a new technology, the mobile business communication app, which has emerged from the unified communications (UC) field to fill a gap in the market. This paper will conclude with a discussion of the business value and impacts that this disruptive mobile business communication app will have for businesses at the IT, employee and organizational levels.


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