Enterprise Mobility

A Revolution is Afoot

What is a revolution?  By definition, a revolution is a change in power over a relatively short period of time. And that’s exactly what’s happening in organizations all of the world- the requirements to be tethered to a physical office location are increasingly losing ground to a mobile movement.  In fact, according to an IDC report the mobile workforce will grow to 1.3 billion by 2015- that’s up almost 40% from 2010.  So it’s safe to say that if more than 300 million people have adjusted to a new way of doing business in just a 5 year span, then a revolution is certainly afoot.

Why is this happening?

While there are, perhaps, dozens of reasons contributing to the mobile revolution, we can speculate that this is happening for a few key reasons:

By eliminating the physical space needed for employees to do their job, then organizations can begin to reduce their square footage and subsequently their monthly rent.

BYOD adoption

IT departments everywhere are instituting “bring your own device” protocols.  By asking employees to bring their own devices there becomes an instant marriage between personal and business related activities; and because of this, employers know that their employees will have instant access to work information at anytime from anywhere further promoting the idea and adoption of a mobile workforce.

Entrepreneurs are on the Rise

According to a Forbes article titled, Who’s Starting America’s New Businesses? And Why? written by Cheryl Connor last year, she refers to some very interesting statistics derived from the Kauffman Foundation related to the growth trend for American entrepreneurs.  She notes that on average there are 320 new businesses launched every month.  By correlation we can assume that increased mobility is also in part due to the increasing number of small businesses launching in the US.  With limited financial resources and the need to grow the business, entrepreneurs and small business owners are likely to be mobile- so it could be this population that is also contributing to the mobile revolution.

Embracing the Change

It’s clear that the mobile workforce is pervasive and hopefully your organization is prepared to support their needs.  One way organizations can ensure that their workforce is connected would be to deploy a mobile communication and collaboration tool- and if you do, here are a few things to be sure it is:

  • Simple– With instant talk, text, and file sharing, your employees will remain connected and informed
  • Centralized– A centralized directory allows fast and secure access to teams whenever you or your employees need it
  • Instantaneous–  No dial-in numbers or pass codes necessary.  Initiate a conference call in seconds
  • Real-time– Identify which teams are in the know by viewing who has read or not read your messages

If you’re concerned about managing a mobile workforce, don’t be. The right tool can help you adjust. In reality, just because you can’t physically see each other, doesn’t mean that you and your employees can’t work together productively and efficiently.


3 thoughts on “A Revolution is Afoot

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    • Arm yourself with the right communication tool to go over the top! I might be biased, but I think Lua is worth a try. What do you do?

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