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Welcome to the Ecosystem of Mobile Business Apps

“I feel like we are on the cusp of a similarly fundamental shift in business software. Once again, the change is about rethinking business applications, but this time it is with a mobile lens. When talking with companies that don’t have a specific mobile strategy, I keep hearing about how mobile is just a feature of cloud-based applications. Yet when we meet with entrepreneurs who are building “mobile-first” business apps, we can see a completely different way of thinking: Leveraging the unique capabilities of mobile devices is at the core of every decision they make.”

The excerpt above is from a recent guest post on GigaOM written by Kevin Spain of Emergence Capital Partners. In the post, Kevin discusses the growth of mobile business applications and outlines the different approaches and sectors these apps fall into – which you can see in the chart below:

It’s an interesting collection of companies, and you can find Lua in the ‘Productivity’ section.


Check out the complete article on GigaOM


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