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“The Evolution of Work: Mobile Communication”

We were featured today in a wonderful article written by Marla Gottschalk, a workplace psychologist, on the changing role of mobile technology in the workplace. Dr. Gottschalk is a contributor to a number of blogs on topics of workplace evolution and organization. Read the whole article on Dr. Gottschalk’s blog, The Blend: Workplace Strategy for the 21st Century.

A selection from the article: “The Evolution of Work: Mobile Communication”

“Some mobile communication tools are born out of a strong need in the workplace. LUA, for example, the brain child of Michael DeFranco and his team, has an organic feel both in its inception and implementation. A recent graduate of the TechStars start-up accelerator program, DeFranco explained to me, that LUA developed because of a gap in the communications market. Designed for fast paced, field-driven environments, LUA provides communication capabilities to industries that in a former life, were primarily walkie – talkie driven. (How can we forget the communication nightmare of first responders to the 9/11 catastrophe?)”


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