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Hoisting the Lua flag at 900 Broadway

Lua HQ is officially located in a new office! As of today, we’re in a great building at 900 Broadway, just steps from our very first office (General Assembly) and full of companies doing wonderful things (, Dispatch, ChatID, to name a few). We’re sharing our new digs with another fantastic TechStars company, 10Sheet, that automates bookkeeping for small businesses.

This office will be home to a lot of  building, problem-solving, socializing, thinking, hustling and celebrating. We look forward to making this beautiful space our own. Pictures will be posted once we’ve finished outfitting the office. Below is a sneak peek of the unfurnished space.


2 thoughts on “Hoisting the Lua flag at 900 Broadway

  1. Welcome! I’m at Next Big Sound, a TechStars Boulder ’09 company, and we’re just around the corner on 5th and 18th. It’s amazing just how many startups can be packed into this neighborhood..

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