Company Updates

Jason’s Movie, Awful Nice, in the news

Awful Nice, the movie our co-founder Jason is currently working on in Missouri (as Assistant Director) was covered by Film Maker Magazine last week. The article discusses the genesis of the Awful Nice story written by Todd Sklar and Alex Rennie and looks at the unconventional marketing strategy that the filmmakers have employed to great success. Jason has been giving us updates from set, and reported on Friday that “Chris Meloni arrived on set to play Charbineau and has personally upped the hilarity by 3 JPS (jokes per second) on the Rodney Dangerfield improvisation scale chart.”

As we mentioned in the previous post about the film, the crew is relying on Lua for on-set  communication. As Assistant Director managing the crew’s schedule, Jason is a primary Lua user, and we’ve enjoyed seeing all the messages he’s been sending around set. So far, the test has been successful and Lua has been serving its purpose making production easier and saving the crew time and money.


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