Enterprise Mobility

Filmmakers using iPods and iPhones on set

Naturally, we love filmmakers who are excited about the countless new ways to use handheld technology on set. Taz Goldstein, the director who runs Hand Held Hollywood, just posted an article about the role iPhones and iPads played on his most recent film for Walt Disney Pictures. He outlines the range of role-specific tools he used on set: 

I used my iPhone to keep my shot list handly in Bento, to pre-visualize camera moves with Storyboard Composer, and as a virtual viewfinder with Artemis. I also used it when running lines with the actors. My iPad, however, was the real lifesaver on this production. I used Omni Graffle for iPad to construct all my overhead blocking diagrams (TouchDraw is a nice alternative). In fact, if you’d like to see OmniGraffle and some of those diagrams, check out my recent appearance on MacBreak Studio.


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