Company Updates

Lua Partners with EMA

We are happy to announce a new partnership with the Environmental Media Association, a group that uses the power of the entertainment industry to promote awareness about a myriad of environmental issues. In addition to creating celebrity-driven eco-focused events and working with filmmakers to incorporate eco-friendly messages into plotlines, they hold the annual EMA Awards and the EMA Green Seal Awards which recognize members of the film, television, and music industries who have made outstanding contributions creatively and influentially to promoting awareness on environmental issues.  This is an inspired and highly potent initiative; we all know the power film and television have on public knowledge and opinion, and harnessing that power to help save the environment can do a world of good.  The Lua solution intends to reduce the amount of environmental waste on film and television sets by eliminating paperwork on set.  We’re honored to be part of EMA’s growing network of eco-friendly groups, and look forward to making our own contributions to a greener film industry and earth.


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