Company Updates


Thanks for stopping by our new blog!  Fans of our Tumblr should check here for updates on our work and articles about the industries we work within: Technology and Film.

LUA Technologies is a startup based out of NYC founded by three classmates from Wesleyan University: Michael Keoni DeFranco, Eli Bronner and Jason Krigsfeld. We are developing a web-based messaging service feeding into an interactive call sheet for the video production industries. A “status now” for any set you are working on. By providing a centralized, digital hub for production related messages and information, we hope to address pain points of fragmented on-set communications and time intensive, static paperwork.

The LUA Team spent August-December 2010 working on the set of Terrence Malick’s still untitled follow up to Tree of Life (winner of the 2011 Cannes Palm d’Or). We arrived on set with dozens of role specific prototypes, ranging from location scouting and image galleries, to schedule planning tools and even sun horizon maps.  We spent 5 full months conducting customer feedback in the field, while participating in various on-set odd jobs including collecting ambient sound, carrying equipment, and even stepping in as extras a few times.  Besides making life-long friends and helping Terrence Malick create a magical film, we discovered something on-set in Oklahoma: the heartbeat of a film set lives in the ability for instructions and ideas to transmit from “A” to “B” as quickly as possible.  Every lost second costs money and time.  Eventually scenes are cut, money is wasted, crews are hostile and a great vision for a film is lost…

By focusing solely on fast and secure information transmission, we realized we could help resolve an fundamental industry-wide problem. We built a prototype of this communications system in September and less than a week after we launched “LUA Communications”, everyone from the producers, ADs, grips and truck drivers were daily users. We spent extensive time interviewing each individual department and left with enough data to continue moving forward.

We made a hard decision in January 2011 and decided to refocus the direction of our company. We halted development on our existing system and redesigned the entire thing.  LUA Technologies is now a communications company, focused on streamlining information transmission for video production.  This includes anything that involves a camera and a team of individuals with a common vision: TV, music videos, commercials, print ads, news teams and the ever expanding industry of “new media” and online advertisements.

So we have had a very exciting first year. Look out for a new beta product due mid July.  More details to follow then…

We look forward to surging ahead and working with filmmakers to develop a true solution to the communications problem plaguing the entertainment industry.  We hope a little aloha can solve your problems.

‘Olu ‘olu komo mai, Aloha mai e!   (So please come in, we invite aloha to you!)



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